Rob Shuter Reveals 60lb Weight-loss On The Wendy Williams Show

Rob Shuter – Wendy Williams Show

America’s No. 1 gossip columnist Rob Shuter appeared on The Wendy Williams Show earlier this week, and his svelte new appearance did not go unnoticed by the audience. Shuter stops by the show from time to time to dish on the latest celebrity news, so he’s familiar to her audience. However, with this recent appearance, Rob revealed his very impressive weight reduction – 60 lbs, and a new sleek, new, tapered haircut that streamlined his face and showed off his defined jawline.

Now, some of you know, I join Rob every Friday as co-host of his popular iheartradio podcast, Naughty But Nice with Rob. I see him virtually once a week as we record our show, so I was aware that he was shedding a few pounds but I had no idea how many. Apparently, Rob is one of the rare few who actually lost weight in lockdown, unlike the rest of us who can’t fasten our jeans right now thanks to quarantine calories.


But how did he do it?

Rob Shuter / Wendy Williams – Screen grab – The Wendy Williams Show


A few of the boys noticed too. As the show aired, I received texts from friends commenting on Rob’s new look. One of them read, “Rob looks amazing! He could get it!” 


Even Wendy herself commended him as he spilled the secret of his weight-loss success: Walking!  Yup, it all started from his need to get out of the house during the early days of the pandemic shutdown, so he began to take walks, 

“I live in a small apartment. I had to get out of the house, and I just walk every day. Now I’m doing about an hour every day, and the weight fell off,” Rob explained. 

The UK-born gossip guru further shared that he even walked to Wendy’s show that morning (which is quite a distance from his home), and overall he takes 10,000 steps a day!  That’s a lotta steps! It makes me hungry just thinking about it.

Thanks for the inspiration, Rob. You look terrific. Well done! 

Listen to the Naughty But Nice Podcast and check out the newly lean Rob on The Wendy Williams show below!

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