Rocco Steele is Back for More Oral

Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough of Rocco Steele, the gay adult icon has announced the return of his YouTube Series ‘Just Oral with Rocco Steele’, coming back on August 27 with a new episode premiering the last Friday of each month through Spring 2022.

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Rocco announced the return of the sex-positive series and the line-up of special guests for the upcoming season. Rocco has confirmed that Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor is slated for an episode, as well as Matthew Camp, Pierce Paris, PJ Knox, super-sexy drag performer 6. Along with these LGBTQ+ artists, the Spring lineup also plays host to a slew of other noteworthy personalities from the adult and mainstream entertainment industries. 


Rocco Steele says:

Each episode of ‘Just Oral With Rocco Steele’ will be topical, focusing on a specific aspect of queer sexuality, from gender to kink and beyond. It’s time to start a dialogue about queer people and human sexuality that helps move the needle on normalizing freedom of sexual expression.  I know our viewers will be entertained, but I hope they also find takeaway lessons that are useful in their own sexual experiences and journey.

The inaugural season of ‘Just Oral’ included special guests Drew Dixon, Hunter Harden, Romeo Davis, Daniel Franzese, Marti Gould Cummings, and Max Konnor.

This season, Steel has teamed up with LGBTQ+ sexual wellness brand RIDE BodyWorx to produce this multi-episode video series. Rocco debuted the first season of “Just Oral” in March of 2021 with a four-episode run. Having presented well to audiences, RIDE has ordered a second season, green lighting the show’s Fall/Spring run and expanding its episode count by six more than its inaugural season.

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Based in Dallas, Texas, RIDE is dedicated to producing natural, high-performance products that address the sexual health needs of the modern man.  Using only the highest quality of ingredients, RIDE promises to always formulate with a man’s full body wellness in mind.  RIDE products are designed to complement, and enhance, the male sexual experience.

Erik Vasquez, Marketing Director for RIDE BodyWorx says:

Working with Rocco on this project has been exciting. Having one of the biggest gay porn stars at the helm of this show is already extremely valuable, but add in his hot, famous, super-gay friends to talk sex and we’ve got content gold on our hands.

“Just Oral With Rocco Steele,” presented by RIDE BodyWorx, makes its Season 2 debut on Friday, August 27th on YouTube.

12 thoughts on “Rocco Steele is Back for More Oral”

  1. Rocco and his horse cock will always keep me interested. I liked his cenes with Armond Rizzo and Michael Boston and really would like him to breed some of these younger talented Bottoms that like a challenge….Dean Young, Sam Ledger or Damien Grey. Of the three Sam Ledger would be the easiest to meet the challenge but I would love to see Dean Young ride that horse like he does so well. Damien is just a submissive slut that would enjoy being eaten, throat fucked and power fucked by a Daddy who knows how to breed and have him screaming.

  2. Rocco is an incredible Top and he definitely knows how to make a Bottom scream…..well, outside of Michael Boston but he did breed him pretty deep.

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  4. Good news !!!! I live in a small straight community 200miles north of Montreal and watching the few épisodes of Just Oral with Rocco is like eating a good chocolate….will defenitely be there for the next épisodes…I like your choice of guest….good luck to you Rocco and your team…love and kisses.


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