Ronen Rubinstein & Rafael Silva on Playing the Fan Fave Ship Tarlos

Ronen Rubinstein and Rafael Silva are portraying the fan favorite couple TK Strand and Carlos Reyes, also famously known as the ship Tarlos, in the series ‘9-1-1: Lone Star.’

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The onscreen couple are on the cover of Hello! Magazine‘s May 2023 issue, where they also opened up about playing their characters in the show. When asked about how portraying TK and Carlos changed them as actors, Rubinstein was the first one who answered:


“I don’t even know where I would start. It’s changed me as a person but as an actor it definitely has taught me speed and efficiency. After Lone Star, I’ll be ready for any sort of set in any sort of situation. We’re on this massive production, but sometimes it still feels like you’re in an independent film when you get a script the day before.”

The 29-year-old Israeli-American actor continued by sharing how starring in ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ changed his personal life, expressing:

“This show has also given me the opportunity to provide a life for myself, and my wife, that I didn’t necessarily have growing up.

I shouldn’t be here. Little Ronen’s from the slums of Staten Island, growing up as a degenerate and fighting, doing drugs, not going to school, we don’t really get to come full circle to this sort of position. It’s a blessing.”

Meanwhile, Silva shared that he had different plans prior to joining the series.


“I wanted to go to grad school before I booked Lone Star, but God has a way of showing you that life is your school. When I booked Lone Star, I felt so inadequate but now I realize it’s healthy to have some doubt — and I love the fact that I talk about this now without any sense of feeling like an impostor, because if we don’t talk about these things, we dehumanize these very human experiences,” he stated.

The 28-year-old Brazilian-American actor further opened up,

“Carlos has allowed me to learn a lot just simply by watching, listening and playing. 

I’m extremely grateful that it has changed me as a professional, and also the way I see myself, and the kinds of stories I want to tell. 

Now I say, ‘Know why you’re doing something and don’t be shy to be yourself, go for the truth,’ and I think that’s something that this show has truly required of Rafael.”

Moreover, Silva, who is openly gay, shared his hopes for viewers who watch and support Tarlos in ‘9-1-1: Lone Star,’ stating:


“I hope it inspires people, in the simplest way, to say, Love yourself…

I can only hope these two characters and their love can inspire you to, if not completely love and believe in yourself, but to start that conversation with yourself.”

Now, let’s also take a moment to admire Rubinstein and Silva’s latest pics from the Hello! Magazine photoshoot, which are undeniably oozing with sexy chemistry…

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(c) Instagram: @actuallyrafa
(c) Instagram: @actuallyrafa
(c) Instagram: @actuallyrafa
(c) Instagram: @actuallyrafa


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