Rose McGowan Pops Off – “I Have To Save My Own Life Now”

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The Activist & Survivor Took To Twitter To Blast Everyone From Joe Biden To Alyssa Milano

If she wasn’t a household name before, former Charmed and Scream actress, Rose McGowan, definitely rose to global fame when she shared her horrid stories of Hollywood, especially her ruthless and cruel experiences with convicted sex offender, Harvey Weinstein. McGowan was one of the loudest voices in the #MeToo era and her Hollywood tales earned her the title of one of TIME Magazine’s Persons of the Year. Her fight for justice in the City of Angels hasn’t stopped. Last week, she told yet another story of being raped (allegedly) at fifteen-years-old by Director, Alexander Payne. She described her experience with him as consensual, because she was attracted to him, but again – she was a teenager and naïve. McGowan proclaimed Payne is hung and lived in Silver Lake at the time…he also dropped her off on a street corner afterwards. Days later upon watching the Democratic National Convention, she came for the current Presidential nominee, Joe Biden.


In a late night Twitter session on Thursday, McGowan called Biden “the season of darkness” and claimed the Democrats are frauds. As anticipated with her complicated relationship with Hollywood, she had severe issues with the mass amount of celebrities endorsing Biden and Bill Clinton being allowed to give a virtual speech. Of course, this tweet fired off opinions of the actual darkness that is opinions on Twitter and people were not kind to her comments. She continued to alleged the Democratic party has done nothing to solve any issues for black and brown people, children, or single mothers. She was then accused of being a supporter of Donald Trump, which she vehemently denied and sourced her open letter to the reigning President in 2014, claiming to be an equal opportunity hater who would never vote for a rapist. She cites being raped by Weinstein, a top Democratic donor, and makes allegations that Hillary Clinton shut down NBC News’ expose on him with one phone call. It’s why she will not be voting for Biden this year. Then her former co-star, Alyssa Milano, inserted herself into the conversation.

Milano tweeted that McGowan berating Democrats hurts people less privileged than her and she is doing nothing but seeking attention while people are dying. This set McGowan off. She claims that Milano stole the #MeToo movement from Tarana Burke to extend her fame, gave it a cultural reset, and made working on the Charmed set miserable. Eventually, Milano blocked McGowan on Twitter. It may be worth noting that Milano’s tweets saw a surge of less than two thousand people “liking” her insights, while McGowan’s soared with popularity. Even their other Charmed co-star, Holly Marie Combs, tweet of unity with different opinions saw more love.


In the never ending Twitter thread of random voices either aligning themselves with McGowan or flaming her, many were questioning her mental health and advised her seeking professional help. She obviously saw these tweets herself and proclaimed she is not ill but is exhausted.

Are you a part of #RoseArmy or do you believe her comments are completely out of line as we approach the next Presidential Election?

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