Rose McGowan Takes On Trans Protester!

Rose McGowan Takes On Trans Protester!

Are Her Words Falling Upon Death Ears?

UGH! By now, you have to be familiar with the hurricane that actress, Rose McGowan, has released upon Hollywood. She is arguably the most vocal victim of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged (for legal purposes) crimes against an endless amount of women. McGowan recently appeared on The View, giving them their most compelling Celebrity interview that I can ever recall. McGowan’s voice has cracked as she talks about her fight against complicity. She has released a new tell-all, Brave, where she describes her tragedies. I have applauded McGowan throughout her career – she has starred in some of my favorite films such as Scream, Deathproof, and Planet Terror – but over the last few months, her indescribable courage to stand up for what she believes in has been driving me absolutely wild. She has called out our favorite Entertainers as not all they appear to be, claims everyone in Entertainment knows they’ve worked with pedophiles, and has faced backlash from society on her credibility. If anyone has been a warrior for the Times Up or #MeToo movement; it’s McGowan.

McGowan has been doing a press tour for her book – and let’s be honest, everyone wants to hear her speak on the most talked about hot topic of the year. Recently, she was at a Barnes and Noble promoting her book and she was welcomed by a Transgender Protester, who calls herself a Socialist Sex Doll, according to her Twitter account which I dug deep to find. Her tweets weren’t protected yesterday, but after facing a backlash herself from belligerently yelling at McGowan – now her social media is private. The Trans Protester – who looks nothing like the photos she shares on social media – decides to scream at McGowan about violence against Transgender women. For some reason, this person decided that McGowan’s special moment of a press tour was the perfect time to scream that she’s Transgender and compares …something (this?)… to the AIDS crisis.

McGowan screams that she doesn’t live on the same planet as the protester and claims the protester should be grateful for her [bravery]. McGowan has a melt down – which the moment was worthy of a melt down – calms herself and states that Transgender women are women and is seemingly confused as everyone else why the Transgender Protester chose her event to start a tirade. McGowan took to Twitter to state that she’s canceling her upcoming tour because – allow me to paraphrase – she’s tired of everyone’s bullshit. Girl, I hear you. Check out her tweet below:

McGowan proceeds to state that everyone who was there did nothing. Nothing is the exact action she’s fighting. She blasts her team – and the crowd – for not taking up for her. I am so surprised that no one did try to dispute the madwoman screaming her lungs off – but to be honest, in this day and age – what if she had a gun? She has her mouth, which is a weapon of it’s own, but sometimes you don’t want to interact with someone who has nothing to lose.

You’ve got to check out the cruel interaction below:

2 thoughts on “Rose McGowan Takes On Trans Protester!”

  1. You clearly are part of the

    You clearly are part of the problem that has added to that trans WOMAN's distress. Why cant you call her that instead of a trans or transgender as you have done? and then on top of it you call out how different you think she looks compared to the pics she posts of herself.  you are vile and ignorant of the fact that those actions are part of the same formula that mcgowan is fighting … shame on you

  2. My two cents:  I agree

    My two cents:  I agree completely – i feel that some people wants to see her to have a meltdown.  Give her a break – i do hope she find some peace – knowing she helped a lot of women and men.  I hope she has good support because this world can be very cruel.


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