‘ROUGE’ Celebrates All Kinds Of Sensual Experiences

The cast of ROUGE: The Sexiest Show in Las Vegas (all photos provided)

ROUGE: The Sexiest Show in Vegas – a sensual new show with a pansexual perspective – celebrated its world premiere at The STRAT Hotel in Las Vegas this week. The stage at The STRAT Theater heated up for a unique, elegant theatrical experience that features men touching women, women touching women, and men touching men. 

ROUGE takes the audience on a journey of seduction and adult adventure designed to bring fantasies to life mixed with some adult humor. The full-scale, erotic production featuring a cast of 18 stunning men and women brings all kinds of fantasies together in one spectacular show.


Created by Hanoch Rosènn, the man behind the hit shows Extravaganza and WOW – The Vegas Spectacular, ROUGE combines “sexpertise” with acrobats, aerialists, dancers, contortionists, comedians, hand balancers and more, while transporting audiences into a fully immersive sensual experience. This time Rosènn is pushing the envelope to create an adult playground for both the performers and audiences alike.

The first act – a clever illusion from an upright bed – begins with a couple going to sleep, but soon their fantasies emerge from under the sheets in the form of multiple combinations of women and men. That’s followed by a gorgeous aerial act performed by two beautiful women gliding and twisting through the air in every kind of contortion you can imagine.


Set in a Roman palace, two men perform a show-stopping balancing act that brought down the house with their strength and flexibility.

There’s also a terrific Chicago the Musical-inspired pole dance, a number featuring the male and female dancers as sexy circus ponies, which leads into a roller-skating acting spinning to a KISS rock anthem. Another clever number involves the show’s two hosts, “The Doctor” (Zion Martyn) and his “Nurse Naughty” (Poppy Fairbairn), with Fairbairn delivered in a UPS box as a sex doll. Trust and believe, sexual hijinks do ensue.


One of this writer’s favorite highlights of the production features a sensuous water dance performed in a 10-foot-high champagne glass. The dancer, framed in gorgeous lighting, is an amazing gymnast and acrobat who never loses her connection to the audience. 

Whether it’s ancient Rome, the Palace of Versailles or, modern-day Las Vegas, ROUGE will be sure to immerse the audience into a world of decadence, celebration and sensuality.


Next time you visit Las Vegas, make sure to check out ROUGE: The Sexiest Show in Vegas at The Strat Hotel.

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