‘RPDR’ Champ Yvie Oddly Makes Twitter Great Again…By Showing It All

We have heard about it for years. We have wondered what all the talk was about. And now we finally get the answer we have been waiting for…just how blessed is Yvie Oddly when it comes to..well, you know!

RuPaul’s Drag Race champ Yvie Oddly decided to show off all they have by posting a full frontal photo to their Twitter account. Now, sadly, we can’t show the money shot here, (but you can see it on their Twitter account, the date was November 17th, 2022 so you can find it super quickly!) The All-Stars contestant captioned the photo, 

“Posting pole to save twitter”


Viewers of the show have heard for years how hung Oddly was in that department and what better way to save the cesspool that Twitter has become than by giving the people what they want – nudity! Reactions from the drag fandom are varied, fun, and funny: check out some of our faves!


Was it worth the wait (Hell yeah!)? Check out a clip from the most recent season of All Stars where Yvie and her ‘member’ are discussed by the other queens!


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