RSVP! Gus Kenworthy Posts Ad Wanting To “Connect” With Ricky Martin & His Husband

Gus Kenworthy posted something that many of us would like to attend if it ever actually happened.

The Olympic heartthrob pleaded his case for a future rendezvous to Ricky Martin and his smoking hot husband, Jwan Yosef, about 'connecting' again since their first four-way meeting which included Gus' equally sexy boyfriend Matthew Wilkas, was cut short.

The post was done Craigslist "Missed Connection" style with "Living La Vida Lonely – m4m (LA, California)" as the title.  

"Us: We were wearing black Ralph Lauren tuxedos, mine had little cowboys on it," Gus captioned. "You: You were also both wearing tuxedos because… well, because it was the Oscar's and everybody does."

"You and your husband stood out though. Partly because you're both gorgeous but also because you're literally @ricky_martin & @jwanyosef. The four of us chatted and laughed but then, sadly, got separated in the chaos of the Oscar's. My bf and I searched for you both for the rest of the night but never found you again. In town for a week. Let's connect."



#AllBlack #TimeisUP #GoldenGlobes

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With the style that it was written, Kenworthy's followers jumped to what happens when a "Craigslist Missed Connection" gets answered.

Gus found some colorful support for his idea of a future rendezvous with the "Livin da Vida Loca couple" from several of his followers, who posted "#orgyparty" and "Here I am, can’t even find a someone to talk to, and Gus is out here hooking up w guys on Craigslist rip my sad life."  Awe.

Ricky and Jwan, it's your turn.  Will you answer Gus's missed connection and see where it goes?  Will it be dinner and drinks for these two gay power couples or will it be where many of your minds went and turn into Netflix and chill, chill, chill? This could also be a live broadcast of sorts if they wanted (we want!), but we're not sure if NBC would cover it.  Ricky, fire up that Instagram. We eagerly await your response to Gus.  Story developing… 🙂


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