Rufus Gifford Selected to Be Chief of Protocol in Biden Administration

Rufus Gifford with his dogs, Argos and Svend. (Photo Credit: Rufus Gifford Official Instagram Account)

Rufus Gifford, former ambassador to Demark, is about to return to the United States Department in the role of the Chief of Protocol.Β  It is in this position Gifford will advise President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in matters of diplomatic protocol both nationally and internationally. Β 

Gifford served as a deputy campaign manager in Biden’s campaign focusing on finance and policy and also served as a spokesperson for the campaign. Gifford becomes the latest LGBTQ appointee to the Biden administration joining Pete Buttigieg, who Biden announced as the incoming Secretary of Transportation and making Buttigieg the first openly gay Cabinet Secretary.


Gifford recently shared on his Instagram account a picture of himself and his husband Stephen DeVincent on their first date 11 eleven years ago posed with then Vice-President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden at a holiday party at the Vice President’s residence.

Once confirmed, Gifford will be the latest in the around 30 chief of protocols for the State Department which includes former child star Shirley Temple Black who served in the role from 1976-1977 under President Gerald Ford. Β 


Gifford posted his top nine most popular Instagram photos of 2020 to his Twitter account which included photos he considered β€œwere so many reasons to smile and celebrate and hope along the way.”


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