Rugby is Taking Another Stance Against Homophobia!

Photo Credit: @JoshuaaaTaylorr on Instagram

Disgraced rugby player Joshua Taylor-Myles is under fire for… his tattoos?

We’re at a point in society where we’ve (hopefully) long forgotten the stereotype that people with tattoos, piercings and colored hair are not invited in the workplace. I mean, we’re talking about the world of sports – especially rugby, where people tackle each other into the ground for a ball. So, what’s completely chaotic about a man with a lot of ink? Isn’t that a big turn on these days?


It’s more-so what the rugby player has tattooed on him that’s causing a huge backlash online. Among his many, many tattoos, eagle-eyed sports fans noticed two questionable quotes inked across his legs. One reads “eat shit faggot” and the other reads “snort lines and fuck.” 

Keyboard warriors are causing such a fuss, in fact, that Mr. Myles may not be able to play at the upcoming NSWRL Luke Lewis Cup event. He’s been issued a simple warning, more like an ultimatum, from the organization: cover up your thighs or get off the field. 

One of the tattoos, bottom right near his fist, courtesy of Instagram

A comment from the organization, provided by Edge Media, states: 


The NSWRL and Cronulla JRL are committed to providing a safe, fun and inclusive environment for all people, including those of diverse sexualities and genders. Being an inclusive sport not only reflects our core values, it also reflects the diversity of our local communities. We have a zero-tolerance to any form of bullying, harassment or vilification towards people with diverse sexualities and genders.

Joshua has so far declined to comment on the ultimatum. 

Joshua Taylor-Myles currently plays for Sydney’s Aquinas Colts. He’s played for two other teams, at least as far as I can find, but I don’t think he’s considered a “rugby star” by any means. Current statistics and awards are undetermined. 

Too bad he’s homophobic because with a face and body like that, he could be making bank on OnlyFans thanks to – who else – the gays! Missed opportunity, sir, blocking your own bank account because of medieval views… 


Now, who’s ready to watch some rugby?! 

Source: Edge Media 

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