Ruggero Freddi Proves You’re More Than Your Reputation!

Photo Credit: Carlo Masi for Colt Studio Group

Brains and brawn and perseverance!

Ruggero Freddi, who performed under the name Carlo Masi, won his civil suit against Sapienza University in Rome, Italy for wrongful termination. The news was first reported by Out and Gay Ireland.


As Carlo Masi, the former adult film star appeared in numerous gay porn for Colt Studio Group between 2004 and 2009. Then the sometimes theatre actor retired from the film industry in pursuit of higher learning. However, his reputation – and the fact that you can buy a mold of his penis – followed him into future endeavors. 

Ruggero earned two degrees and a doctorate in mathematics and engineering before landing a professor gig at Sapienza University in Italy. It was two years into his tenure at the university that the engineering professor noticed an increasingly hostile work environment and that he wasn’t receiving the same respect and acknowledgement as other Sapienza teachers. 


It culminated in a singular event in 2019 when he was fired from his position without reason or pay. 

Mr. Freddi launched a civil suit against Sapienza University and recently it came to light that the court ruled in his favor due to the evidence presented by Freddi’s legal team. He was awarded just $4,700 for unjustified dismissal.


Ruggero, 46, gets the last laugh as now he’s happy, married, respected and working as a salaried data analysist.

He tells Out:

I was forced to sue, and I won. I hope my case gives courage to all Ph.D. students who are exploited after years of studies and specializations. Now I have a normal job with a salary. I hope that others will also find the courage to speak out.

Sources: Gay Ireland

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