Rumor Has It Wendy Isn’t Returning

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After Multiple Allegations Of Alcohol Abuse & Stress, Williams May Be Ending Her Talk Show

Last week we were updated by the producers behind legendary talk show host and radio personality, Wendy Williams, that she had recovered from her breakthrough COVID-19 case and her delayed return to her popular daytime show would be October 4th. It didn’t take long for them to update Wendy Watchers once more that she would continue that delay until October 18th due to being under a doctor’s care and dealing with ongoing medical issues. However, in an upsetting reveal for lifelong fans, Williams’ return may be delayed indefinitely.


According to Ok! Magazine, allegedly Williams is recovering from any Coronavirus scare she had yet is still plagued with mental health issues that continue to put her in a depression spell as she has not gotten over her ex-husband’s affair. Allegedly, Williams is still mourning over the loss of the love of her life as he gloats about his newfound happiness on social media with his girlfriend and two-year-old daughter… all on Williams’ dime. Yes, her success is paying for the lavish lifestyle of her ex and his new family… which isn’t something that anyone will get over in a short period of time. Combining the ongoing pandemic, quarantine and seclusion, and decades of alcohol and substance abuse are all a recipe for disaster that Williams is still struggling to overcome. Fans online have generally been supportive, although desperately missing their Hot Topics Gossip Queen. But, in the event Williams decides to pull the plug on her show to focus on herself, there’s rumors that one of her friends will be taking over her coveted timeslot on Fox.


According to BET, Williams’ producers may be scrambling behind the scenes trying to figure out what happens if she doesn’t return to the purple chair. Allegedly, rapper, frequent game show host, and most importantly – Mariah Carey’s ex-husband, Nick Cannon, is in line to replace the talk show maven’s timeslot – but perhaps temporarily. Cannon had a failed attempt at his own talk show back in 2002, but since he’s grown and eventually annihilated other hosts in the game show genre with the success of Wild ‘N Out and The Masked Singer. He’s currently airing the first season of his new daytime talk show that is seemingly a mirror of Williams’, but of course doesn’t have the shady entertainment and laughs that she provides to audiences on a daily basis.

Time will tell if Cannon will usurp Williams’ literal throne, but in the meantime, those who appreciate Williams’ craft are wishing her well.

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Source: Ok! Magazine, BET

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