Rumor: Michele Obama To Join “Will and Grace” Revival (UPDATE)

UPDATE (8/18/2017): It has been brought to our attention that the news of Michele Obama guest starring on Will and Grace is wholly untrue and just a rumor. The Rosario news however is not.


It seems like everyone is excited for the upcoming Will and Grace revival. And that includes the execs over at NBC who have already decided to order a second season from the revival before the first one even airs.

But, maybe part of the reason people are so excited for the show isn’t for the main cast, but for the reoccurring or guest actors who will show up.

And the latest name to be added to that list? Michele Obama (now we're told it isn't true).

That’s right, the former first lady herself is (not) in talks to guest star on the show.


This news comes from Touch Weekly and they state that, ”The details are still being worked out, but supposedly Michelle is up for anything, as long as it doesn’t cross the line too much,” and adds that, “will not be taking any personal jabs at Donald Trump. The writers will leave that to the rest of the cast.” (Now will there be more jabs at Donny John?)

But just as this news is great and exciting, there’s also casting news that’s sad and depressing.


Sadly, it looks like the character of Rosario won’t be rejoining Will, Grace, Jack, and, most importantly, Karen for these two new seasons.

It was announced by co-creator Max Mutchnick that Shelley Morrison, “has decided to retire. It was with a heavy heart that she gave us that information and that we received it, but it is the way that it goes. It is a choice that she has made.”

“We really wanted Shelley to be a part of this series, so we find ourselves having to figure that out moving forward. It was not an easy decision to make, but it’s one that she made.”

Morrison had a brief cameo in the Election video that inspired the show’s revival, but sadly that seems to be the last time we’ll see Rosario with the gang.

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