RuPaul Fans Joke About Hilary Clinton Tweet Quoting The Show (But They Shouldn’t)

Screenshots via Youtube. Edited by Devin Randall

RuPaul fans on the internet want to know if Hilary Clinton is one of them.

Clinton took to twitter to share news about a royal decree being made in Saudi Arabia. The tweet celebrates the fact that women will soon be allowed to drive cars in the country. This is a historic moment for women in the country.

In order to capture the moment, Hilary Clinton decided to write the tweet out as “It’s about time. Ladies, start your engines!”

And while this is a wonderful moment for women, the gay community came around and, like Pennywise and the Babadook, are now making it about them.

Fans of the RuPaul’s Drag Race recognized the line, “Ladies, start your engines” as a familiar phrase in the tv show and are now storming thread after thread asking if Clinton purposely quoted RuPaul and if she’s a fan of the show.

While that’s all fun and Clinton may have purposely quoted the show, let’s not forget the whole purpose of the tweet itself.

While yes, women can now drive, the new decree states that they have to drive "in accordance with the Islamic laws." While the specifics of the law are still being deliberated, there are many ways that this description could limit women's rights.

So, as Clinton said in the other half of the tweet, “It’s about time," and we should be congratulating Saudi Arabian women. But also, we have to recognize that this is still only a step in obtaining their freedom.

Luckily though, it seems the country's crowned prince is dedicated towards giving women more freedoms.

Also we should remember that while jokes are fun, we shouldn't take such an important topic and make it about something else. If we do, we're no better than Trump.

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