RuPaul Winner Violet Chachki Was Kicked Out Of A Paris Sex Club For Being Too Feminine

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Drag Queen Violet Chachki was kicked out of a Paris sex club for not being masculine enough.

Chachki was the winner of the seventh season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and was in Paris for their fashion week.

Apparently, Chachki decided to spend the night/early morning at Paris’s most famous gay sex club called Le Dépôt, but as she later announced they didn’t plan on having her long.


Screenshot via Twitter

Alongside this tweet, Chachki shared a video of herself trying to get her coat back after being kicked out.


Later, Violet Chachki shared her thoughts on the matter with UnicornBooty.

“It was a fashion week party. At club that has dark rooms downstairs for sex. I was there seeing 3 friends that were performing/dj. I wasn’t in drag but I had makeup on. I met someone there who also had makeup on but was obviously male bodied but very feminine. We tried to go downstairs to the sexy part when like 4 guys picked us up and dragged us out of the club.”


Before the glam last night

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On Le Dépôt’s Facebook page, Violet Chachki’s fans are posting angry messages to let the establishment know they’ve done wrong.

French drag-queen Mirage wrote:

“Throwing Violet Chachki out, one the most know queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race, BECAUSE SHE LOOKED TOO FEM, and while there was an inclusive fashion show inside, is totally UNTHINKABLE and OUTRAGEOUS for a so-called gay club. No parisian queen will come again to your place. Your Masc4Macs culture and you are OVER.”

The staff at Le Dépôt have yet to respond to the situation.

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  1. She’s assuming she was kicked

    She's assuming she was kicked out for being too fem. I got kicked out of a bar in Hamburg for not wearing enough leather. In another bar, I saw people who used their phones to light up the dark room also get kicked out. Many other possibilities come to mine, including violating a dress code or behaving loud and obnoxiously.


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