Shea Coulee, Jujubee, Miz Cracker: Who Gets Your Pick To Win?

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This is going to be a tough one.

We are now down to the final three contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5 who will be competing their hearts out for the coveted crown on the season finale this Friday, July 24.


Season 10 sweetheart Blair St. Clair was the last queen to be eliminated after a not so stellar showing during the comedy challenge where Miz Cracker was victorious for a second episode in a row. She then lip synced against legendary assassin Kennedy Davenport to a Reba McEntire classic and wound up beating her and securing a nifty $20K in the process.

This leaves Cracker, Jujubee and Shea Coulee. Not too surprising from a lot of fans of the show who predicted that it would be them in the end. Question is… who deserves to win the most?


If we are going based on statistics, which this show kind of does when determining who will be crowned queen of all queens, then Cracker will be entering into the Drag Race Hall of Fame on Friday. She’s managed to win 3 of the main challenges (out of 7) and was only in peril of going home once which even then she wasn’t the target thanks to the whole India Ferrah/Alexis Mateo drama.

The New York City queen wasn’t immune to her own issues with the other girls, as many called her out for being somewhat rude (cue her speech to Ongina at the beginning of the 2nd episode). Outside of that she did an excellent job at excelling in the challenges and overcoming the perfectionist that she was in S10.

Then there’s Shea who was considered to be the frontrunner going into this season. She won two challenges, both of which showed off her comedy and musical chops in the best way possible, all while slaying it the house down on the runway.


She often brought up her devastating loss to Sasha Velour throughout the series to the point where it has played into her storyline up to this point. Many fans deemed that to be unnecessary as it wasn’t her fault that she was going to lose her season due to rose petals. She’s already got it in so many other areas that its pointless to harp on something that happened many years ago. The Chicago queen has done more than enough in AS5 to prove that she, as RuPaul always says, is a “winner baby”.

Finally we have Jujubee who has been in this position twice before (s2 and AS1). She could become the new Raven as this would be her third loss overall. Eek! Juju is, arguably, one of the most beloved queens to ever appear on the Emmy-winning series. And she did a damn good job once again this time around by performing well throughout most of the show and scoring a win during the hotel suite challenge.

She’s irresistibly amazing with her catchy one-liners and ability to come up with jokes on the fly (see her Eartha Kitt Snatch Game of Love performance as an example). Will it be a third times a charm kind of thing for her over a decade since she first stepped into the iconic werk room?

We want to know from our Instinct Magazine fans! Are you Team Cracker, Shea or Jujubee?

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