RuPaul’s Drag Race Fan Sued!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Fan Sued!

Production Company Holds Fan Accountable For Spoiler Leaks!

When it comes to Reality Television, there is no other series gayer than RuPaul’s Drag Race. The series, led by all around gay icon, RuPaul Charles, has proved to be a powerhouse as they head towards their 11th season of crowning America’s Next Top Model Drag Superstar. The series has sparked international fandom that have grown the careers of over 100 plus Drag Queens into celebrities in the LGBTQ community. I will say this until I turn blue in the face: None of these queens have yet to break into mainstream media as RuPaul himself will. Signing up for a series this popular guarantees they will always have RuPaul’s name in front of them, which unfortunately sets them up to always play second fiddle. Along with the fandom has came outwardly insane super fans. Former contestant and one of the series’ chameleons, Nina Bo’Nina Brown, had faced death threats last year after eliminating fellow contestant, Valentina – which pissed the obsessed fans awf, girl. The fans have been talked about among the leading Queens themselves, but it appears that one finally crossed the line with the serise production company, World of Wonder.

According to Variety, WoW is suing an anonymous leaker/fan of Drag Race who has been giving away spoilers from the latest edition of Drag Race All Stars on social media. In an effort to discover the identity behind Instagram and Twitter’s RealityTVLeaks, the production company is playing hardball by filing a class action lawsuit. The proof is in their paper, AKA the internet, as Reddit and other social media sites are seeing GIFs and still images coming from the said leaker. The leaker has made comments online stating (s)he will continue to leak proved spoilers, thus giving WoW the fuel they need for their fire. They believe spoilers takes away the value of the series and deem it to be stopped.

Is this another bizarre, infatuated fan releasing information? I mean, girl, probably! Or perhaps they should be investigating into their staff. I don’t see these kind of spoilers happening with other reality shows, so maybe Drag Race does have the best fans out there.

Regardless, Variety has the entire lawsuit up on their site. I implore you to check it out HERE!

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