Russell Tovey Is Planning To Become A Single Dad Through Surrogacy

@russelltovey & Gay Times Magazine

Openly gay actor Russell Tovey shared that he plans to have a baby through surrogacy soon.


Back in June, we heard the unfortunate news that British actor Russell Tovey had broken up with his rugby playing fiancé Steve Brockman.

After fans noticed that the two hadn’t appeared in each other’s social media posts in a while, one fan straight out asked Tovey if they were still dating.

Tovey responded by saying, “No darling.”


But now it looks like Tovey is ready to move past dating and go to parenting.

While talking to Gay Times Magazine, Tovey shared that he plans to wait three more years. If he’s still single by then, he’ll start working on having a baby through surrogacy.

“I want someone to call me Daddy. I remember being at school, junior school, and already wanting to be a dad,” he told Gay Times magazine. “Now I’m 36, I’m giving myself three years. If I haven’t met someone that wants kids I’m going to do it by myself.”

This is a step the many gay men are taking nowadays, either in couples or by themselves, and we’re happy to hear that Tovey is confidently walking down that path.

We wish the best for Russell Tovey in his future and for the future baby of his. Whether that baby has one or two daddies doesn’t matter. Tovey will be a loving dad all the same.

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  1. “I want someone to call me

    "I want someone to call me Daddy…"  I'll bet there are lots of 20-year olds who'd do that at a moment's notice.

    More seriously, gay folk will have achieved equality of a sort when they can have children without feeling the need to announce it and/or to track every day of the process on social media.


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