Russell Tovey Is The Gay Superhero We Need!

Russell Tovey Is The Gay Superhero We Need!

DC Continues To Break Barriers With Their Latest LGBTQ Character!

It’s a little tough being a Marvel fan these days?! DC, known for icons such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman continue to bust through glass ceilings with their inclusions of LGBTQ characters in their series and movies. Okay, movies is a little bit of a stretch, but please let’s remember that Ezra Miller openly identifies as queer. Miller plays The Flash in DC’s latest box office giant, Justice League. You may be familiar with the variety of LGBTQ characters in the DC Universe which runs on the CW. The network is host to a variety of Batman-esque characters, but hosts plenty of lesbian and gay characters, including openly gay actors, such as Colton Haynes.

Now, they are adding another LGBTQ superhero – and actor – to their roster! Hi, Russell Tovey! Tovey, an openly gay Englishman who recently starred in HBO’s ill-fated Looking, is heading to the CW to portray Ray Terrill AKA: The Ray! The Ray can toy with energy, fly, and generate light and solid light constructs. I am admittedly a poor-man’s version of a comic book nerd, but I do geek out over superheroes that I know. Unfortunately, The Ray isn’t one of them…until now!

I’ve done a handful of research on The Ray in case you also need to be brushed up on him. The Ray first appeared in 1940 and has always been one of the good guys. I can’t seem to find any background information on The Ray being openly gay in comics, but that isn’t surprising for a character who was inked in the 40s. Hell, I couldn’t even imagine being out in real life! But, according to a variety of websites, The Ray will be an openly gay character. Tovey is also lending his voice to an animated version of The Ray for CW’s Seed – a digital platform.

For your viewing pleasure, take a gander at the CW’s trailer for Tovey’s crossover below:

You can check out Tovey as The Ray on the CW Network on November 27th. Will you be tuning in?!

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