Ryan Kwanten Finds Himself Talking to a Glory Hole God in ‘Glorious’

Oscar award-winning actor J.K. Simmons lends his voice for a Lovecraftian god in the 2022 horror film ‘Glorious,’ and based on the recently released trailer, the movie’s plot seems to be quite different and interesting.


In the horror-comedy film, Australian actor Ryan Kwanten plays the role of Wes. After having a fall out with his girlfriend, he gets drunk, and the morning after, he finds himself talking to an ancient Lovecraftian god (Simmons) through a restroom “glory hole.”

‘Glorious’ director Rebekah McKendry talked more about the movie’s plot and protagonist Wes saying,


“He is definitely down on his luck when the movie opens. He just had some type of falling out with his girlfriend, and has driven with all of his worldly possessions in tow, and gets to a rest stop, and decides to get drunk and burn everything. The next morning, he rushes to the bathroom to throw up and there is a god in the stall next to him and the god has a favor to ask.”

The filmmaker also revealed how Oscar-winner Simmons came onboard the cast of ‘Glorious.’ McKendry said that her regular director of photography in Los Angeles, Pietro Villani, was the one who informed the actor about the script despite not actually working on the movie set in Mississippi.

“He’s been friends with J.K. for a really long time, and he told me that J.K. absolutely loves Lovecraft. Forty-eight hours later, we got a call from J.K.’s reps. They said, ‘What can we do to make this happen?’ I remember Dave (husband David McKendry) and I, we danced around our kitchen table just thinking that J.K. Simmons had read our work. It was just absolutely amazing,” she stated.


Prior to starring in ‘Glorious,’ Kwanten can be recognized for his previous works, including ‘True Blood’ and ‘Dead Silence.’ Furthermore, the 45-year-old actor, alongside director Rebekah McKendry and writer David McKendry, recently attended the horror-comedy movie’s world premiere at the 2022 Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, Quebec.

‘Glorious’ will be made available on Shudder on August 18.

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