Ryan Murphy Heads To Netflix!

Ryan Murphy Heads To Netflix!

Leaving Cable Television Behind For Streaming Services!

BAM! Ryan Murphy has solidified himself as a homosexual powerhouse with the creation of groundbreaking series featuring LGBTQ characters including Glee, American Horror Story, and his latest hit: American Crime Story. While I may question Murphy’s choices in writing for the later half of his series – for real the beginning of his series are always so good but eventually become a ridiculous mess – it is without a doubt he is a huge voice in the LGBTQ community. There is nothing we can do but applaud this man for showcasing the voices of our community and opening up lots of gay sex to a wide audience on cable television. However, it appears that Murphy’s heavy and steamy gay romances won’t stay on cable for too much longer.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Murphy is leaving the FX cable network and heading to arguably our favorite streaming service, Netflix. He comes at a price: Netflix snagged him for a mere, measly, 300 Million Dollars! Heyyy Daddy! It appears that the streaming service is essentially trying to bankrupt standard television with Murphy and their additions of ABC’s Shonda Rhimes and Showtime juggernaut, Jenji Kohan. Hell yeah! Murphy isn’t taking the deal too lightly. He’s literally the happiest he can be. He tells THR:

"The history of this moment is not lost on me. I am a gay kid from Indiana who moved to Hollywood in 1989 with $55 in savings in my pocket, so the fact that my dreams have crystallized and come true in such a major way is emotional and overwhelming to me. I am awash in genuine appreciation for Ted Sarandos, Reed Hastings and Cindy Holland at Netflix for believing in me and the future of my company which will continue to champion women, minorities and LGBTQ heroes and heroines, and I am honored and grateful to continue my partnership with my friends and peers at Fox on our existing shows."

I’m so stoked that he is heading into Netflix keeping in mind the powerful LGBTQ and female-driven storylines he has kept as his themes. I’ll start off watching seriously any show that has his name on it and have followed his career closely in the same vein as fellow homosexual Creator, Alan Ball.

I cannot help but wonder what creative direction he is going to take his first Netflix series in! I have a preposition for you, Murphs – give us the best, modern version of Queer As Folk – and call me to give you the ending we’ll deserve!

What do you think?