Ryan Phillippe & His Sexy Shirtless Body Return to Television

Credit: Ryan Phillippe Instagram

Let’s face it. Ryan Phillippe is one of those actors that we’ve been fantasizing about ever since he showed off his perfect peach in the classic movie Cruel Intentions

His hotness has only grown in the years since. The 46-year-old has kept us interested in his chiseled face and hot body in movies like Gosford Park and Crash while showing off his comedic side on the revival of Will & Grace and the award-winning Outkast music video “Hey Ya!”

Credit: NBC

Now longtime fans of his will get to droll over him thanks to his thrilling return to television. He stars in the upcoming series Big Sky which premieres Tuesday, November 17, on ABC.


The show, produced by David E. Kelly of Big Little Lies and Ally McBeal fame, centers on a private detective (Phillippe) who teams up with an ex-cop to solve a kidnapping case in Montana. Oh and if you watch the trailer above you’ll see Ryan shirtless with his glistening chest and tattoos on display. Fun.


This is far from the first time that we’ve seen him doing the action/crime thing. The last time he indulged in this type of role was on the show Shooter which aired on USA from 2016 to 2018.

So in honor of his return to TV, and perhaps to create a brief distraction from what a monumental day today is, here are seven of Ryan’s hottest Instagram photos for you to enjoy. 


Selfie Ryan.

Showing Off His Back Ryan.


Shirtless In The Snow Ryan.


Leggings Ryan.


Hanging With Omar Epps Ryan.

Bloodied But Still Fine As Hell Ryan.


Riding The Waves Ryan.


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