Ryan Phillippe Rocks a Toned up Physique While Getting a New Tattoo

Many of us have been crushing on Ryan Phillippe for about twenty years now, since he started making us swoon in movies like Cruel Intentions and I Know What You Did Last Summer.  Twenty years later, not much has changed, as the 43 year old continues to turn heads with his overall handsomeness.


the bionic man

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Case in point, when he suffered a freak ATV accident over the summer and showcased his still impeccable body while rocking a gnarly boot. He rivals dudes half his age with his perfect physique, even while not being able to fully function with one leg.  I operate both perfectly and still find myself heading towards Taco Bell. 

Earlier this week, Ryan stopped a local tattoo shop to get a new set of ink, which looks to be right around the area of one of his nipples.  Lucky for the guy who got to do that design.

Keep doing what you're doing Ryan, it's definitely working for us.



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