Ryan Seacrest Detailed A Wardrobe Malfunction That America Didn’t See

While many of us share our morning coffee with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest every day, it is Seacrest’s off-camera daytime activities that fans are suddenly sitting up and taking notice of. The television show host/radio personality/production maven now has the ability to add “thirst trap content creator” to his ever-expanding list of accomplishments, as his recent workout shots are causing quite a stir. The American Idol host recently put a shot of himself on Instagram that showcased a perfectly coifed Seacrest, clearly on the heels of a steamy workout, with bulging biceps in full view, as the daytime chattiest host gave the camera a smoldering look. 


Known to be a patron of New York City’s Gotham Gym (a boxing gym) and Dogpound gym (where he trains), Seacrest detailed his workout secrets to Men’s Health last year. As Seacrest is now showing off his biceps in multiple (and welcome) Instagram posts, some famous faces are teasing him a bit. Even American Idol judge Katy Perry responded to Seacrest’s most recent gym selfie, posting simply on the photo “omg this is a thirst trap”. 

While Seacrest’s Instagram might be carefully curated, a recent wardrobe malfunction on American Idol apparently showcased a lot more than Seacrest had intended. He discussed the gaffe with Kelly Ripa the morning after he unintentionally gave viewers much more than they bargained for in a particular suit. He detailed to Ripa how during a commercial break, he was told that they needed to “change his underwear” and that “there was anatomy in the shot”. Seacrest indicated that he didn’t have any spare underwear and he had to quickly toss on a wardrobe assistant’s underwear. A quick look at the video indicates that you can definitely see an outline of “something”, although it is unclear (even after numerous viewings) that what we are seeing required an emergency underwear swap. 


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  1. My question is, why did they let him go on like that for about 2.5 hours before he changed? Why get him to change for the last 30 minutes of the show? If Ryan hadn’t broadcast it, no one would have even known. I sure didn’t notice until it was blabbed out! I think he wanted all the world to see it so he could have the extra attention and the views and reviews!! Don’t get me wrong, I do like Ryan Seacrest, but enough is enough is enough.


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