S.F. Couple Launch Kickstarter For Lyric Abuse Game

What if Cards Against Humanity—everyone’s favorite oh-so-wrong party game—took a poetic stance? That’s what one cute San Francisco couple and their friends thought last winter while held up in a cabin during a winter storm. Some creativity (and probably a few cocktails) later, and Lyric Abuse was born.


The game takes the outrageous themes we all love from games like Cards Against Humanity (like, say, back-alley abortions) and asks players to get creative by composing and performing an original poem or song on the topic. Take that, Adele.

Lyric Abuse has all the makings to be your new favorite game night activity—but first it needs your backing. Check out a preview video of the game in action by heading over to the Kickstarter page and pledge your support…if you think you’re lyrical enough for the challenge!

2 thoughts on “S.F. Couple Launch Kickstarter For Lyric Abuse Game”

  1. We created our own version of

    We created our own version of Lyric Abuse last week up at The Ranch and had a BLAST! 

  2. There’s a gay oriented Cards

    There's a gay oriented Cards Against Humanity type game on Kickstarter now too.  It's called The Gayme and looks like it appeals to a much wider audience than this game.


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