Safaree Samuels Nude Photos Released!

Safaree Samuels Nude Photos Released!

Yup, It’s A BIG One!

GURL! Oh yes, HENNIES! Are you familiar with Safaree Samuels? He’s a Songwriter and Rapper, but you probably are more likely to recognize him as Nicki Minaj’s longtime boyfriend of fourteen years. Samuels, 36, is typically the butt of the joke as everyone compares him to Minaj and her success. In all fairness, some of our favorite Minaj songs were written by her former beau. For years Minaj’s fans – and even myself – were wondering why she was with the usually soft, desperate for attention Samuels. Well, it turns out – it’s a much bigger reason than I was anticipating.

Yep, there’s been another celebrity who has their nude, frontal photographs leaked. I’m not sure why society will obsess so much over genitalia, but I’m easily ticked by the same game. It’s, I don’t know – just…why not give the beautiful human body the attention? Hell, Kim Kardashian made a career out of it and a sex tape made Pamela Anderson a sex icon. It’s about time the men get a little bit of the buzz for their body parts, no. Especially Samuels, because…damn, girl. My jaw is dropping from seeing these revealing photos…and video. I wonder if he’s even upset? Do some of these celebrities want these photographs released? In the modern age of social media, it's guaranteed to get your name popping in the media.

Anyway, if you want to check out the video and confirmed photograph – based off of tattoos of Samuels, the YBF has what you need. You can check out the video HERE – because girl, I’m not about to show you this juice all on my lonesome!

If you want to be more risqué and really get a solid, still peek – check out the image HERE!


The leak has already made a 'big impression' and has had a positive impact in Safaree's pants, I mean wallet. states:

The number one rule as an artist is to strike while the iron is hot and Safaree is doing just that. Social media was in a frenzy last night after some leaked photos and videos of Nicki Minaj ex-boyfriend landed online. While he is denying leaking his own gigantic meat, sources close to the Jamaican rapper told Urban Islandz that there is a sudden surge in interest in his music.

“No he didn’t leak it but he has a good idea who did,” we’re told. “The person who did it knows that we know who they are and it’s purely out of revenge and jealousy why they release the pics online. But guess what, it backfired and is actually working the opposite way they intended. There is a huge surge in streaming and sales for Safaree music. No weapons formed against you shall prosper, they didn’t know it would be a blessing in disguise so let them continue hating.”


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