Sage Suede On New Album ‘Foolin’ Around’

Image via Dan-Ramone Vivian Chavez

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Sage Suede is a singer-songwriter, producer, and model who has had the musical courage to go where most artists have never gone before.

Last summer, he released his highly anticipated, debut album Thicc Juicy Bass to widespread, critical acclaim. Now, he is back with an even sexier approach for his new album, Foolin’ Around, which was released July 30. With an album cover that shows Suede posing seductively in a backless floral harness, Foolin’ Around is a mix of dirty hip hop and house music that features seven sexually charged club anthems. The lead single, “Slide Into My DMs,” describes the experience of giving and receiving nudes on Twitter, followed by a hook up, while the second single, “Keep Flexin’ On Em,” includes references to money shots and blowjobs.


While other artists have shied away from expressing themselves sexually, Suede chooses to advocate for equality and is openly bisexual. He is renowned for his musical prowess and edgy delivery of high-quality and incredibly unique musical productions.

To coincide with the new album, Suede is also releasing a coffee table book of underwear modeling images, inspired by Madonna’s Erotica era. This new collection is a must have for any fan and features black-and-white underwear modeling imagery and lyrics from Foolin’ Around.


Suede took some time to chat more about the album and his music with Instinct.

Hi, Sage! Congrats on the release of your brand-new album, Foolin’ Around. What can listeners expect?
It is very, explicitly sexy. I just felt like it was something that I needed to do, and I wanted to do something rough. Culturally, this is a big thing in hip hop, but when I think about explicit lyrics, I do not want to advocate for violence.

Why did you feel the need to go down the explicitly sexy route?
I have done a lot of modeling, and I feel like modeling is pretty sexy. I recently did an underwear modeling shoot for Package Menswear, so I thought it would be really good timing for me to do this. Other artists, like Madonna, she went through her Erotica era.

Image via Dan-Ramone Vivian Chavez

This is your second album, and the first single, “Slide Into My DMs,” came out in early June. Is it still being received well?
Yes! It has been going very well. I keep getting messages in my DMs I guess because of the title [laughs]. I think a lot of people still like it.

How is Foolin’ Around different from the album you released last year, Thicc Juicy Bass?
I feel like I was more balanced as a person with Thicc Juicy Bass, and I saw the duality and importance of balancing between masculine and feminine. Thicc Juicy Bass was that side of my personality. A mix of balance, and sometimes, vulnerability. In terms of delivery, sometimes it was more masculine, and other times, it was more feminine. Foolin’ Around is heavily masculine to the point that it kind of borders on being too strong. Some people may find it to be a little too much because it has such a strong, masculine presence.

You also did a special, sexy photoshoot for the album cover?
I did. It was with the owner of Package Menswear, Dan-Ramone Vivian Chavez. Package Menswear is a gay underwear, swimwear, and fetish brand. We did it right inside the store, so everybody in the store totally saw my butt [laughs]. There were so many people, but it was a lot of fun. I did not mind it. I am confident enough, so it was okay.


Have you always had a passion for singing and songwriting?
Yes, definitely. I have always loved music, so it is just something that developed over a really long time. I wanted to pursue it as a kid, so I kept working at it until I got to where I am now. I met a producer at a live show I did in 2019, and that is why I decided to do this album with Blak Marigold Pro. My producer, he is really cool, he goes by the name Knolly Boy 2K. He does a lot of hip hop stuff, so he really understands how to balance my sound and give it that really heavy bass.

How did you come up with the name Sage Suede?
I am into a lot of different things, like spirituality and magic. So, that is kind of where the sage side came from. I like fashion as well, so that is why I said suede. It’s my music, but I also feel like I have elements of things that I am interested in as a part of it too.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?
I just want them to have fun no matter how my music makes them feel. I know some of them, they are going to have a lot of fun [laughs]. As long as they are enjoying it. I feel like having sexuality in music, it is not really dirty, like porn. It is more silly. The whole Foolin’ Around album, I picked that name not because I was implying cheating, but because I still do all my pre-production, pick the instruments, and put it all together, so I am still fooling around with what I am making. I want it to be silly and sexy and not be taken too seriously.

Image via Dan-Ramone Vivian Chavez

What more do you hope to accomplish with your platform as a musician?
That is a tough question because there are a lot of things I want to accomplish. Right now, I still feel like I am in a growth mindset, so I am not able to branch out as much as I want to. At the moment, I am focused on making fun club vibes and trying to make people have a good time. I tried to work with a company, but they turned out to not be the most aboveboard because they did not want to pay me for a long time and they only wanted us to make happy music because COVID was going on and everyone else was going to make their sad, staying at home songs.

So, I just want to do something fun. In a way, I kind of feel like it is one of my proficiencies. Sexuality and being sexy, I feel like that is something that I can teach other people or give to other people. Like, I have a song on the album that is about foreplay with a woman because a lot of guys don’t do that. They should. With a bottom too. Eat it out before you get in it. The song is called “She Always Comes First.”

Before we wrap up, what’s next? Are there any other upcoming projects or anything else you would like to mention or plug?
I am currently working on the coffee table book, and that is going to come out very soon. I am also hoping to do some more merchandise. There have been a lot of funding issues with COVID, but hopefully, you will see a lot more of me soon!


Connect with Suede by following him on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, or visit his official website. Foolin’ Around is now available on Spotify, Soundcloud, and all other digital streaming platforms.


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