Sally Field’s Openly Gay Son Writes a Heartfelt Essay About His Mother

Sally Field’s youngest son, Sam Greisman, recently wrote a tear-jerking essay about what he learned from his mom, and how him coming out to her inspired a ‘Brothers & Sisters’ scene.


In an exclusive essay for People, the 35-year-old New York-based writer and Field’s youngest out of three children began by describing how close he is to his mother.

“I’ve always been a momma’s boy — painfully, occasionally ashamedly so. Perhaps too obsessed with her. Maybe it’s because I’m the youngest, by sixteen years. Maybe it’s because I was a shy little kid and my mom was a safe space; a hip I was attached to,” Sam wrote.

He added,

“Maybe it’s because gay men feel a certain undeniable affection for award-winning actresses. Who knows! Whatever it is, we have always been incredibly close.”


Sam also shared a tear-jerking anecdote from his childhood, which shows how precious their mother-and-son bond is.

“I remember a nightmare I had when I was around seven. I ran into my mom’s room crying because I dreamt that she wasn’t there to pick me up after school; I’d looked everywhere and couldn’t find her. Awake and panicked, I sat on her bed as she said: ‘Sammy, I will always be there to pick you up, even when I’m not there,'” Field’s youngest son recalled.


Furthermore, Sam revealed that a particular scene in his mom’s TV series, ‘Brothers & Sisters,’ was inspired by his own coming out conversation.

“I grew up so connected to my mom that I can trace my life through her career,” he noted.

The New York-based writer continued,

“The first week of shooting on Brothers & Sisters was rearranged so that she could move me into my dorm at NYU. (Later, a frank, heartfelt conversation about my queerness was used verbatim for a scene between her and Matthew Rhys. Still waiting on a retroactive writing credit on that, if I’m being perfectly honest.)”


Sam then concluded his beautiful essay about his Oscar-winning mother, Field, writing:

“My mom has given me permission to be messy, to struggle, to fight with her, to rage at her when I have no one else to yell at, given me permission to pick out all of her award show dresses, because… well, no explanation needed.

She has taught me that life, like art, is about picking yourself up and dusting yourself off, like she has done countless times. And luckily for me, I know that when I fall she will be there to pick me up. Even when she’s not there.”


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