Sam Champion Takes Hotness to the Ocean Seas!

Photo Credit: @samchampion on Instagram

Halloween was two days ago, but this is a news story I didn’t want to skip.

Blue-eyed, salt-and-pepper haired, certified DILF Sam Champion went shirtless for Halloween this year as he, his husband and a gaggle of loved ones embarked on the open seas. 


Must be nice, considering it was 50 degrees where I am…

Champion, age 62, took the theme – aquatic characters – to heart while poking fun at his age. Guests dressed as pirates, mermaids, Aquaman and Poseidon while the weatherman dressed as The Old Man and the Sea as depicted by author Ernest Hemingway. 


More like the old man I’d like to see.

Sam currently serves as a meteorologist on ABC News. He previously worked for Good Morning, America and The Weather Channel, and even competed on season 13 of Dancing with the Stars. 

He’s also a Daytime Emmy Award winner and People’s Choice Award nominee. 

Looks like Sam & Co had a wonderful time this Halloween. Here’s hoping he does something creative next year like… a stripper or… sexy police officer or… sexy weatherman? 



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