Sam Greisman And Adam Rippon Are Now Allegedly Texting

We have a little update on the ongoing Sam Greisman/Sally Field/Adam Rippon situation, and possibly the end of it. But first, a recap if you haven’t heard of the situation so far. 


Actress Sally Field and her writer/producer son Sam Greisman were texting each other one day and got onto the topic of openly gay figure skater Adam Rippon.

Greisman shared that he had a crush on the athlete and Field responded that Rippon is “insanely pretty.”

Greisman then posted a tweet of his mother’s support of his crush, but then Field retweeted that and tagged Rippon in it.





Rippon then later responded by saying to Buzzfeed, ““Sally! She [Field] bold. Sam – your mom, I admire her. I’m sure one day we’re going to meet. So, thanks mom.”

Now, we have the newest update concerning the three.

As reported by Page Six, Sam Greisman has apologized to figure skater Adam Rippon for his mom “embarrassingly trying to set them up.”


Supposedly, this conversation happened through private messages, but Page Six says a source overheard Rippon talking about it while at the Olympics.

Of course, without anyone to verify this source's story, we all have to take this with a grain of salt.

That said, if the story is true, we'd like to congratulate Sally Field. Although Greisman was embarrassed by his mother’s attempt to get him a date, and that it ultimately got him more of a maybe than a yes, the action did get him into Rippon’s DMs.

Go mom!

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