Sam Smith and Demi Lovato Debut Their New Music Video – Watch

Credit: Screenshot via YouTube

The Queer Olympics are here folks and they look absolutely fabulous.

Sam Smith and Demi Lovato, arguably two of the biggest pop icons to emerge in the 2010 decade, released the colorful music video for their duet “I’m Ready” on Thursday, April 16. 


The upbeat track highlights a bunch of different sports seen at the Olympic games but done with a twist that includes a lot of glittery outfits, amazing choreography, and incredible fashion seen throughout.

Sam, whose penchant for working with fabulous women in the industry proved to be a success last year with Normani (“Dancing With A Stranger”), took center stage in the beginning of the video when they wrestled around with a hot guy while wearing a very sparkly version of what a singlet usually looks like.

Demi was a bit more dressed up for her part of the song when she stunned in a stylish pantsuit on top of a diving board. The men surrounding her left little to the imagination in bright red corsets that left their chest completely exposed.

Screen shot from “I’m Ready”

Other elements seen throughout the footage was Sam and a bunch of others (RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 contestant Gigi Goode included) sprinting down the track in their most gorgeous of attires. This all culminated with the two singers at a medal ceremony of sorts where they were surrounded by a bunch of talented gymnasts.

“I’m so thankful for my friendship with @samsmith and SO excited to have this DOPE song and video out!!,” Demi captioned on her Instagram. “Thank you to all of the amazing people who helped this project come to life.” 

Fans were digging what they saw throughout “i’m Ready”. One considered it a “masterpiece” while another chimed in with, “This is incredible, playful and powerful.”


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