Sam Smith Drops New MV & Album Info

Sam Smith
CR: Universal Music

Sam Smith is releasing a new album!

The British singer recently announced the release date of their next album titled Love Goes. Smith has been working on this album, which will come out on October 30, for a few years and had previously planned on releasing the album earlier this year. The coronavirus pandemic, however, led to a delay. In addition, Smith had to reformat the album, which was originally titled To Die For after Smith’s February single.


As Smith said in a statement:

“Every time I went into the studio I promised myself I would shoot for the stars and have no limitations…I am sorry it’s taken a while. But these unprecedented times gave me the room and space to fall in love with these songs all over again…After it all I still believe love is the answer. And with love in our hearts and kindness in our words and actions, we sing on.”

But that’s not all, Sam Smith also released a new single and music video. To go with the album announcement, Sam Smith released a new song called “Diamonds” and a music video to go along with it.


In the video, we see Smith dancing alone while contemplating an ex who tried to take away their light. The lyrics reflect this message as the following lines go:

“Take all the money you want from me
Hope you become what you want from me
Show me how little you care
How little you care, how little you care

You dream of glitter and gold
My hеart’s been already sold
Show you how little I care
How littlе I care, how little I care”

Interested in the song? You can check out the music video above.

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