Sam Smith is Showing Off His Nearly Naked Body

A little over a month ago British singer Sam Smith shared his struggle with body image throughout his life. He posted on social media that his weight had fluctuated throughout his career, but that finally he was getting to a point in his life where he would practice self-love/appreciation and accept himself for who he is—in any way, shape, or form. I wonder what Billy Santoro would think?!

Posting a shirtless picture of himself on the beach, Smith shared:

In the past if I have ever done a photo shoot with so much as a t-shirt on, I have starved myself for weeks in advance and then picked and prodded at every picture and then normally taken the picture down. Yesterday I decided to fight the fuck back. Reclaim my body and stop trying to change this chest and these hips and these curves that my mum and dad made and love so unconditionally. Some may take this as narcissistic and showing off but if you knew how much courage it took to do this and the body trauma I have experienced as a kid you wouldn’t think those things.

And it looks like the singer is sticking to his promise to practice body positivity. Earlier this week, after his performance in Chile, Smith posted some pictures on Instagram in next-to-nothing tidy whities.

His first photo showed his furry body in front of the mirror with the caption:

Feeling bloated and gross after my flight so thought I’d post a mirror selfie of my sexy bloated boobies coz we are friends. Finally.

He also thought it would be rather hilarious to poke fun at himself with the following image

Then he shared a video of himself dancing in the mirror saying “Do the bloat dance with me.”

Another photo in the series popped up with a kneeled and posed image of Smith in his briefs saying “Bond Girl”

Instagram @SamSmith

Some weeks ago Smith sat down with Jameela Jamil to have a conversation about body image for the I Weight interviews:

So what do you think? Do we like that Sam Smith is using his public platform to celebrate body image?

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