Sam Smith Opens Up About Overcoming Body Dysmorphia

Sam Smith recently opened up about struggling with body dysmorphia in the past, and sharing how they’ve overcome it.


In an interview with The Sunday Times, the 30-year-old singer-songwriter noted:

“Within my industry there is definitely that question of, ‘What should a pop star look like?'”

They continued on by telling how their 2018 Thrill of It All tour was a turning point on their self-image.

“When I was 25 I came off tour exhausted. I looked to role models in the body world. Every time I went to the pool I felt self-conscious, but I forced myself to take my top off,” Smith recalled.


The “Unholy” singer then reveals how comfortable and confident they are in their skin, expressing:

“It paid off because I now have the opposite of body dysmorphia. I look fabulous. I’m finally getting a tan. I’m burnt in places I’ve never been burnt.”

Smith recently released their latest album titled Gloria, wherein they showed their unapologetic self despite the negativity thrown their way.


“I get closer to who I am with each album,” the “I’m Not Here To Make Friends” singer shared. 

They also noted that Gloria was inspired by the “feminine spirit in me.” Smith further expressed,

“I’m happier in my own skin on Gloria. I feel liberated, released from pressures I felt when I was young. My mum says that, as I’ve got older, I’ve stopped caring what people think as much. She tends to be right.”

The singer’s fourth studio album, Gloria, is now available in various music platforms:


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