Sam Smith Responds to Body Shaming Comments on Their Bikini Post

Sam Smith recently posted a series of photos wearing nothing but an animal print bikini and enjoying the holiday season under the sun.


The post stirred up body shaming comments on Twitter, as well as his Instagram comments:



In response to the mean comments on their swimsuit photos, the ‘Unholy’ singer posted a beautiful artwork of them in their animal print bikini by an illustrator from Mexico named Javier Ramos.

The comments on Ramos’ original post is much more positive than Smith’s repost, and here are some of their lovely (and also thirsty ;)) reactions:

“Sam is so Fucking HOT”



“@samsmith u look stunning”

More people stood up for the 30-year-old English singer-songwriter on Twitter writing:

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but Sam Smith looks hot af in that photo on the boat and anyone who says otherwise is gross.”


“Sam Smith took the time and effort to display their perfectly normal and healthy body so people know it’s ok not to conform to oppressive beauty standards, if you took 10 seconds to be a little bitch about it I don’t care for your opinion on body shapes and laziness.”


It’s a new year, so here’s to hoping for less hate and discrimination, and more love for all of us who are beautiful in our own way. <3

(c) Instagram: @samsmith

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