Sam Smith Returns With A New MV And Album

Image via YouTube @SamSmith

Sam Smith is back with their new album!

We sure are being blessed with lots of new music lately. First, Ariana Grande released a new album this week titled Positions. And now, Sam Smith has done the same.


The British singer first released a new song and music video titled “Kids Again.” In the video, which was directed by Alasdair McLellan, we see Smith hanging out on an amusement park on a boardwalk. As for the song, it’s swimming in a melancholic vibe and somber sunshine.

Some of the chorus’s lyrics go as follows:

“Do you even think about it?
The way that we changed the world
And don’t it make you sad
That we’ll never be kids again?
No, we’ll never be kids again”

You can watch the video below.


But that’s not all. Sam Smith also released their latest album Love Goes. The album has been a long time coming. Initially, Smith started the year with a single and early promotion of the album that would have been called Someone To Die For. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, the album was delayed and retitled to Love Goes.

As for the songs on the album, they’re as diverse as the past few years for Smith in their personal life. From somber ballads about love loss to uplifting dance tracks about self-love, Smith has truly diversified their musical aesthetic. And with many features such as Burna Boy, Labrinth, Normani, Demi Lovato, and Calvin Harris, Smith has established themself as a musician worth collaboration.

“The last two years has been the most experimental time of my life, personally but also musically,” Smith said in a statement. “Every time I went into the studio, I promised myself I would shoot for the stars and have no limitations. The result has been so magical and so therapeutic and FUN.” 

But is the album any good? You’ll have to judge for yourself by checking out Love Goes through Apple Music, Spotify, and all places where music is available.

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