Sam Smith’s Daring New Music Video Sparks a Debate on Twitter

Sam Smith recently released their latest “I’m Not Here To Make Friends” music video, and it sparked a debate on Twitter, as there were some raunchy scenes.

(c) YouTube: Sam Smith

The 30-year-old singer-songwriter has been receiving body shaming comments for showing their confidence and body positivity through Instagram posts, and the negative comments against them seem to sadly took a turn for the worse after the release of their latest music video.

Conservatives and even queer people are among those who have expressed their disapproval towards Smith and the “I’m Not Here To Make Friends” MV, and here are some of their Tweets:

Meanwhile, people are defending the “Unholy” singer, who’s expressing their true self…

(This user corrected Smith’s pronouns to they/them in a following tweet.)

Despite the negativity that Smith has been receiving, he still has people who defend him, as well as supporters who appreciate his true self and his music. <3

Here are also a couple of positive comments from YouTube users:

“Sam’s confidence is so infectious in this video! That black dress is everything.”

“I love this song, it fits like a glove and I don’t stop listening to it, without a doubt, a new era for Sam is yet to be written.”

“Sam is just amazing. They are slaying constantly. I love that people are triggered someone who isn’t the ‘perfect’ body shape can love themselves and strut their stuff.”

“Omg that black corset outfit while theyre walking down the stairs? A slay.”

“I don’t know how you do it. Ever more brilliant and beautiful!”

Tbh, Sam Smith doesn’t deserve the body shaming comments and harsh words…

Thoughts on the singer and their music video? Also, their latest album, “Gloria,” is now available on music platforms:

Here’s Smith’s raunchy “I’m Not Here To Make Friends” music video. 😉


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