Same Folks Can’t Get Over Cancellation Of ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’

(image via Facebook/CMT)

CMT (Country Music Television) tried to do a little something for Pride Month by changing its logo/profile image on Facebook to include the colors of the rainbow flag on Monday.

Since that time the image has received 1,200+ comments and 4,000+ reactions. It probably won’t surprise you to learn the majority appear to be unhinged anti-LGBTQ folks who couldn’t stop themselves from ranting at CMT for the rainbow move.


Here are just some of the lame, hateful reactions on the CMT Facebook page. The saddest thing is none are very original:

Kurt: “Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!!” (We told you they weren’t very creative…)

Melody: “It’s ridiculous to celebrate an entire month just for being gay yet our Veterans get one day. Veterans deserve better.” (Umm, May is National Military Appreciation Month, but whatevs…)

Steven: “So sad and juvenile that CMT caves to political correctness.”


Calvin: “Great so now CMT done jumped on the gay pride band wagon what a joke no more CMT for me.”

Mike: “Well the kind of so called country music now days fit their wussafide pop rap crap”

Daryl: “I’m proud to be white and straight.”

Gar: “What you do behind closed doors carry on but when everyone is ramming this in our faces gets beyond a joke. Are we going to have straight day ? Worlds gone mad”


Jason: “Every time I see a rainbow I unlike the page I’m sick of seeing it where is the straight flag”

Sammi: “Disgusting, pandering, money obsessed fools. Country music is officially Godless.”

Perhaps the funniest part of the comments were the number of people still bent out of joint because CMT apparently stopped airing Dukes of Hazzard reruns. There were dozens of remarks about the booting of Bo and Luke Duke.

Keith: “Wrong. Just wrong. Y’all over do the gay and lesbo. I don’t care if you are… but we sure as hell don’t need a whole month of this crap. And bring back Dukes of Hazard you nazi’s.”

(Dukes of Hazzard screen capture via Tenor)

But it wasn’t all ugly. There were many responses thanking CMT for the gesture as well as sharing gifs from Brokeback Mountain and rainbow flags.

Sarah: “Thank you so much! We can love country music and believe in basic human rights!”

H.M.: “Thank you, CMT for standing with ALL OF US!”


Tony: “Happy for CMT I’m gay. It’s not a political thing. It’s to support the LGBTQ. Because there are a lot of haters out there. And it’s time to stand up and support people.”

Tracey: “Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It’s not pie.”

Arlo: “OOOH Yall gonna make the hillbilly bigots maaaaaad!!!!!! But we thank you for those who support !!!! Sincerely, the next transgender country singer”

Kathleen: “I love this. Thanks for posting. As a queer Southern person, I feel seen!”

(image via Tenor)

3 thoughts on “Same Folks Can’t Get Over Cancellation Of ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’”

  1. What a shame what this world has come to I’m just a simple man believe in good friends and family. No longer cmt supporter. I’m sure the big man upstairs knows what he was doing he made man and woman to be with man and woman. If you support gays and transgender you’re saying he made a mistake. I’m not sure he makes mistakes

  2. Independence Day, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day are federal holidays. There are at least five more holidays dedicated to the military and veterans. The entire month of May is dedicated to the military. Ugggh why is it when Pride month or Black History or Asian or Latino month or proposed federal holidays like Juneteenth are in talks, conservatives always bring up the military? Maybe if they stop celebrating military holidays by getting drunk, stuffing their faces with hotdogs, shooting bullets in their air, and setting off fireworks every night until July 4, they would know that the US has lots of remembrance days for the military. If they really want to pop off about how vets are treated then why is there such a large budget for the military but there’s somehow not enough resources to fund their protection gear, retirement, salary, mental health, housing, and combat vets homelessness & drug addiction & sexual assaults while serving.


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