San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Cancels Tour Abroad To Visit Red States

I think we all need to look inward after these events in November in the United States and see what is important to us, what can we change, how can we mend and / or fix things, educate others.  Here's a story from out of California that tells us of one such group that is looking inward and sharing a message at home instead of away.


The chorus is now planning to tour the red states, places like Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee, and visit communities faced with discrimination.




"In response to the election, we decided we have as much work to do at home as we would do abroad," Seelig said. "We want to go to those places that are still strongholds of this kind of discrimination and bigotry. And bring our voice. And encourage people there with our music. And also hopefully change some hearts and minds."

The tour will begin the summer of 2018, right before midterm elections. Chorus members say their songs are a form of activism. Singing together has helped them heal and ease fears they say many in the gay community feel about a Trump presidency.

"There's such a change in the energy within the chorus when we started thinking about this, because all of a sudden we were engaged, we were active, we were committed, we were doing something," said Steve Huffines, chairman of the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus. –


Just this past week, I drove through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, and I am returning back to Florida today.  I will say to the choir, you have a lot of work ahead of you.   It is a different country out there.  One that won't change just because of a song sung by homosexual men.  But it may plant a seed, it may sway some over to reality, may give some people hope. 



What do you think?