Sandra Bernhard Spills The Tea On Her Friendship With Madonna

The fallout from one of the most notorious pairings of the 1990’s continues. Madonna and Sandra Bernhard (and their numerous Letterman appearances) defined what being a “provocateur” meant in the age before social media. While their friendship splintered for unknown reasons in 1992, the Sandyland host said “For a while, we had a real friendship, but it’s hard for somebody like her,” Bernhard said on the “Hot Takes & Deep Dives with Jess Rothschild” podcast last week. “She doesn’t really want somebody around who reflects too much of who she is.”… “Therefore, her relationships just don’t last.” Bernhard also said that she attempted to level set with Madonna at the onset of their friendship, saying “What I tried to impart in our friendship is, ‘I’m really your friend, I’m not just somebody that’s passing through” she said. 

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Bernhard does not speak of her friendship with Madonna often, but thirty years after their friendship ended, Bernhard seemed to look back on their relationship fondly when speaking with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year. She said “I mean, it’s sort of hard to talk about it 30 years later. But I can tell you that when we were friends 30 years ago, it was a completely different time. And she was a much different person. I mean, I don’t know how she is now. She might be exactly the same. I don’t know. But nobody’s the same because we have children. Life changes you. But at that time, it was the right time for our friendship. We just had a lot of fun at that time, and that’s all I can kind of say about it because it doesn’t exist in its present state. So I don’t know, there’s not much to reflect on it at this point, other than it was a good time. A good time was had by all.”


One person who does not agree with Bernhard’s assertion on Madonna’s ability to maintain friendships is close friend to the Material Girl herself, Ingrid Casares. The Miami club maven took to Twitter to refute Bernhard’s words on Madonna being able to maintain friendships, saying “Madonna has had the same friends for over 30 years”. She also strongly hinted that the reason the friendship between the Material Girl and the comedian fell apart was because Bernhard was not asked to be in Madonna’s now-notorious SEX book. 

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  1. Love you bubelah! Adore you long time been enjoying all your recent appearances on TV . You are a Bastion of style talent and grace! Sincerely.

  2. Back in the day Madonna was very relevant. Not so much now. I find her rather obnoxious now. She has given us many great tunes over the years. She seems to have issues with other women. Just ask her BFF Cher!


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