Sarah Jessica Parker Figures Out What Her Stripper Name Is

Sarah Jessica Parker has come up with quite the clever stripper name for herself… in case this whole Emmy-winning, legendary acting career suddenly stops.


The famed Sex and the City star responded to a formula posed by artist Ashley Longshore on social mediawhich dealt with figuring out what your stripper name would be. There have been several of these types of conundrums brought up in the past, the most common one was the name of your first pet plus the street you currently live on.

Ashley's was a tad different from that: "Your stripper name is the color of your underwear and the last thing you ate," she wrote.  


Sounds simple enough. Sarah boldly answered this question, which started out sexy but ended completely differently. 

"Nude lentil soup," was her response. She then shortened it to just "nude lentil." Not sure if Carrie Bradshaw would approve of this as her alter ego.

A variety of stripper names came up on social media when asked this hard-hitting question, some of which were by gay men who took it to another level with their responses.

The following were all shared by our fellow gay brethren: 

  • "Commando Nuts"
  • "Naked Weiner"
  • "Naked Gordita"
  • "Nude Cookie"
  • "Lavender Lace Grilled Cheese"
  • "Skin Doughnut"
  •  "Nude Steak & Eggs"
  •  "Pink Butt**le"

Wow. Just wow. So what would your answer be to this riveting question? 


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