Sarah Jessica Parker Officially Nixes ‘Sex and the City 3’ Movie

Sorry, Carrie & Co fans, but it looks like we won't be seeing a third installment of Sex and the City after all. 


Sarah Jessica Parker, who famously played New York City columnist Carrie Bradshaw on the television series from 1998-2004, as well as in the two hit movies that came out after, finally nixed the third movie won't be happening during last night's Golden Globes ceremony.

She spoke with Entertainment Tonight exclusively about the difficult decision, saying ""I mean, not as far as I can imagine. Unless…" 

"I mean, no. No. I struggle with it because it's a bit sad, but I think one must keep these things in perspective," she said. "I have a lot of incredible memories, singular memories, that are shared among those four women, and I'm incredibly grateful for the experience. … I forever love having had that time with those women." 

The film was rumored to start shooting back in September of last year, but reports came out about Kim Cattrall's "ridiculous demands" and the production never got itself together shortly after that.

Are you fine with SATC not doing a third movie, or do you think the franchise still needs some sort of closure?


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