Sarah Jessica Parker’s Return To HBO. Will DIVORCE Get You To Tune In?

Sex and the City.  Sarah Jessica Parker will never break away from her New York City role and we're okay with that.  What her biggest fans may need to deal with is her return to the Big Apple, but as a different type of lady.


Let’s get one thing clear: Divorce is not a continuation of Sex and the City in any way. It’s not Carrie Bradshaw in the suburbs. Frances, an executive recruiter and mother of two living in upstate New York, “is different,” Sarah Jessica Parker tells ET, as she has told press time and time again, about her highly anticipated return to TV on the new HBO dramedy, her first major role in 12 years since playing Carrie on that other HBO series. “She has a different relationship to men, to romance, to money, to New York City, to children, to commitments.”

“Frances is not nearly as buoyant, as technicolor,” she continues, referring to Carrie’s much louder personality and esthetic. “Still waters run deep with her.”  –


What more should we know about Carrie, I mean Sarah, in her new role?  Melissa Rivers and help us find out.





Okay, maybe that was not enough.  Here's the most recent trailer for "DIVORCE' premiering on October 9th on HBO.





So was that enough to get you to watch?  I think I'd rather watch a long courtship than a long divorce, but I'll fire up the HBO GO and give it a try.  Will you?



What do you think?