‘Schitt’s Creek’ Actor Dan Levy Feels the Heat on YouTube Series

Dan Levy on ‘Hot Ones’ (Photo Credit: Screenshot of video from First We Feast Official YouTube Channel)

After wrapping on the hit series, Schitt’s Creek, Dan Levy took on a different type of challenge when he appeared on Hot Ones,  a YouTube series from First We Feast which has celebrities eating hot wings while host Sean Evans interviews them.

Throughout the episode, Evans asked Levy questions varying from his days as a host on MTV Canada and a brief stint on Degrassi: The Next Generation to writing and acting on Schitt’s Creek for six seasons.  Evans inquired:


“So your father, comedy legend Eugene Levy played Jim’s dad in American Pie, a film that explicitly deals with awkward father/ teen relationship dynamics. What do you remember about being 15 years old and that being the number one movie in the world? It must have been a unique role to see your dad play especially at that age.”

Levy explained as he struggled with a wing dipped in Volcanic Peppers, a hot sauce with a Scoville level of 121,000 (mildly hot):

“A lot of people came up and asked me whether the movie was based on my life.  My story is way less interesting.  I did not have sex with a pie, unfortunately.”

Evans also questioned Levy on where he ranked himself against others who have played his dad’s son on camera.  Levy answered:


“I feel like Jason Biggs did a more successful job at it than I did… I think he (Levy’s father) still prefers Jason to me.”

Levy also revealed the sixth and final season of Schitt’s Creek would be on Netflix in October during the interview.

Levy’s episode of Hot Ones can be watched in full below.




Source: First We Feast Official YouTube Channel