“Schitt’s Creek” Stars Dan Levy & Noah Reid Recreated Some Of Hollywood Biggest Love Affairs

The ending of Schitt’s Creek also brings an end to America’s love affair with the dysfunctionally glorious Rose family, (save for the upcoming full length film). As the Rose family had their own life turned crazy upside down, David Rose (and literally, every viewer) fell in love with the innocently beautiful love story between the heir with a heart of gold and his small town Prince Charming, Patrick. The season wraps up on April 7th, but as David & Patrick took their own overly hued engagement photos on the show, their portrayers Dan Levy & Noah Reid sat in front of the Entertainment Weekly photographers recreate some photographs that pay homage to both the love story that they have crafted, as well as some of our favorite love stories in pop culture history. 

Photo Courtesy of EW

From the old school glamour of recreating Bogie and Bergman in Casablanca to the high school innocence in Sixteen Candles to the across the pond grown up love affair of Notting Hill, Levy and Reid cemented their pwn space in the annals of pop culture romantic history. 


Photo Courtesy of EW
Photo Courtesy of EW

Having two men be the central love affair on arguably what is television’s most buzzed about show is not lost on Levy at all. He says to ET Canda  “Knowing that it was a gay relationship, wanting to show the stability and the security of these two people just getting each other and having it be nothing but love and encouragement. Obviously, there’s bumps along the road, which we explored, but that the relationship itself would never be put into question, that these two people were in it to win it”.

The finale of “Schitt’s Creek” airs on April 7th on PopTV (check local listings)

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