Science proves that gay men like bubble butts because …

I was out at Bill's Filling Station in Wilton Manors last night and my friend Kenny pointed out a guy that was wearing no underwear, baggy jeans and a little butt crack on display.  He asked me, "Is that attractive? Who wears the jeans like that and no underwear?"  I replied that a confident man wears that and it matches his 15 year old "PIG" tank top.  He was wearing it well for a mid 40's something year old man, but I did wish there was a little more butt in those jeans.

What kind of man are you?  Leg man? Arms?  Eyes?  Butt?  Smile?  We all like what we like and we have things that turn us off, too.  But a recent study states that us butt men are butt men for a reason. 

Blake Michaels of GAYGUYS.COM shares with us the results of a survey done by

only 7% of gay males say a perky butt is the sexiest thing on a man. Firm thighs were dead last at 3% (surprising, huh?). At the top of the list with 37% is a toned chest, while 6-pack abs followed behind at 19%.

So not all of us are butt men.  Only 7%?  I think that is a little bit of a low number.  So why do we like butts?

While straight men innately find a woman with curves sexually appealing, the message their brain is reading is “this lady can give me some healthy spawn.” So where does it leave gay guys who find a butt on a man just as sexy? It’s all the same thing. – GAYGUYS.COM

Wait,  that doesn't explain anything does it?  Does that justify the 7% since not all gay men want to breed / spawn / have children?  Does that mean if we are a butt man, we are looking to procreate?  For clarity on this, head on over to GAYGUYS.COM for the rest of Blake Michael's story.

What are you?  Are you a butt man? Eyes? Personality?  Hairy chest?  Do each of these different zones mean we are genetically looking for something different than the butt man looking for mating?

I do want to say, I think I just lost the rest of my Saturday to looking at bubble butt pics and videos online. There's a lot out there to enjoy.

75 thoughts on “Science proves that gay men like bubble butts because …”

  1. I think a lot of people confuse big with bubble and small with flat and that’s not necessarily the case. I think it all comes down to height /weight proportion. I personally do not find it appealing when guys have big butts. On women just big enough to complement their figure but now overly large.

  2. i have really massive big butt . it is rare on men i know

    i was straight before , but guys who always ask me to bottom made me bisexual eventually , coz when i see someone begging to to touch my butt that in itself makes me horny

    im currently live in dubai

    if you are crazy ass lover just contact me on my email
    b a s b a r 3 6 at g m a i l . c o m

  3. I’m an older (former?) twink

    I'm an older (former?) twink with what I call a bubble butt. All my life guys have told me that I have a girlish body, my butt looks better than most girls, I'm sitting on a gold mine, etc. I'm not ripped and my butt doesn't look anything like the ones in the pics here though. It's nice and round and girlish. These "bubble butts" look more pointy and kind of gross. Many guys have no butt and it's a turn off for me.

  4. So why is it that boys/men

    So why is it that boys/men only wear baggy swim trunks that go below the knees?   What ever happened to briefs and Speedo's

     ???   Why can a female openly display her butt crack with a thong swim bottom?  And there's is nothing wrong with a flat bottom either!!! 

    • Probably because they don’t want gay men looking at their butts so they wear baggier clothes or are afraid that wearing tight shorts is thinking well of their butts or giving the wrong impression.

      Women evolved in society to find safety from a strong man (perhaps) so attracting a male is all a part of the feminine condition 🤷‍♂️

      Considering gay males are so influenced by heterosexuals and not looking gay explains a lot too.

  5. I love a  a nice hot ass on a

    I love a  a nice hot ass on a guy  that  turns  me on Baby  that  makes  me hot.


  6. I love a hot ass! Female with

    I love a hot ass! Female with a big round ass make my heart race. I love seeing a great bubble on males too. Maybe because I have one too? I workout heavy on ass exercises to make it bigger too 🙂

  7. I got a bubble butt. How do I
    I got a bubble butt. How do I know this? cause people tell me all the time. lol. Is it just me or I guess this this happens to some of you guys too, when I’m at the grocery store for example, I catch “straight” guys lookin at my ass all the time. Guys with their gf and even guys with wife and kids. I think all men are curious or have even thought about what its like to be with another dude…curious? 😉

  8. My boyfriend and I of course

    My boyfriend and I of course love each other's butts and bodies, however, in saying that what keeps us so head over heals for each other and why we work so well together isn't the physical side of a relationship but the emotional side meaning we adore our personalities. Absolutely adore him for who he is my love able adorable teddy bear!

  9. The hottest thing a guy can

    The hottest thing a guy can have (straight or gay) is CONFIDENCE! Doesn't matter if you have the biggest ass/dick/whatever!  If you can't carry it off why bother!  And Fred, if you have a problem with gay men, why are you on a site that's gay?

    • Actually, a guy who’s not

      Actually, a guy who's not full of himself, down to earth and sweet is much better than 'confident'.  It gets old hearing that so many guys prefer 'a guy who can make me laugh' and 'a guy with confidence'.  I prefer a guy with substance and a good heart.  Someone who is real and strong, but who's also vulnerable, compassionate and humble.  That's so much more attractive to me.

  10. Your body is what makes you

    Your body is what makes you sexy.

    Your smile is what makes you pretty.

    But your personality is what makes you beautiful.


  11. No, I don’t. Bubble butt is

    No, I don't. Bubble butt is really off putting. Those power bottom are trying hard to look like.. Jlo.

  12. In my opinion butt is the

    In my opinion butt is the sexiest part of a body, but it only needs to be in a good shape and in an adequate proportion to a body. That's all.

    What I see on pictures is completely unnatural and unattractive. I'm not a fan of Nicki Minaj.

  13. I think a bubble butt, is



    I think a bubble butt, is such a turn with only 7% of people liking butts but why would 2014 be the year of the butt then ? If guys wasn't into butts then why would there be bottom nobody wants a flat booty bottom I have a big booty but sometimes it gets annoying when people are obsessed with ass. Follow me on Instagram: prettyboiwill92

  14. Now if you’ll excuse me while
    Now if you’ll excuse me while I go Google pictures of bare bubble butts to, ya know… study…. for science… in my bedroom… with the door locked…

      • Or YOU’RE just an ignorant
        Or YOU’RE just an ignorant homophobe… AIDS is not a part of every gay man, but obviously… I guess idiocism play a big part in EVERY hateful homophome I’ve ever encountered… I’m sorry, you poor thang…. Lmao

  15. I love a good firm ass. It

    I love a good firm ass. It bugs me that so many men wear these incredibly baggy jeans that make them look like they have no ass at all. Whatever happened to the days when no self-respecting gay man would wear anything but skin tight Levis 501s? That's exactly what I have on right now!

    • I have a big butt (bisexual

      I have a big butt (bisexual for reference). Apparently it's a very sought after quality. I enjoy a big butt myself so I understand why, even as a prefered sub.

    • Interesting that you read

      Interesting that you read this article Fred, I'm sure you enjoyed the pics, you closet candy ass. And you can't "breed" a virus into anyone, one TRANSMITS it. Brush up on your English Freddie Boy.smiley

    • So obviously your some

      So obviously your some backwoods simple minded country fuck, how about you do yourself a favor and look up aids statistics, then you will see that AIDS is higher amongst heterosexual African American women, that is if you can read numbers. Or you are just mad at the world that you can get a women to sleep with your ugly ass, and jealous of men, that you can't even get a gay guy to check you out

  16. When a guy is walking pass me

    When a guy is walking pass me, I always check out the Butt because it's the easiest thing to zoom in on.  If we're having a conversation, then it would be the face area, eyes, teeth, nose.  But for me it's the Butt that gets my sexual attention. 

  17. Depends on the man, there are

    Depends on the man, there are some guys that a nice round butt just looks amazing on, but then again there are some that when you look at them it doesn't look right. For me, it's a toss up between a great chest and a great butt.

  18. They definately want to breed
    They definately want to breed a bubble butt or at least a fat ass. As a bttm i see a bigger puffier butt as more power thatll be use when entering me. So im a bttm butt man.

  19. Gay men are so superficial.

    Gay men are so superficial. The body fades, but your oral hygiene live forever! Straight teeth are the most attractive thing about a man. If you have a cheese grader in your mouth, or there's a war going on in there, #byefelicia.

    • What is so superficial about

      What is so superficial about liking a nice well rounded derriere? Its not just the Gays but Straight men like it on Women too. The only one Superficial here is you depicting us Gays all in the same category.



  20. Kk… there is such a thing

    Kk… there is such a thing as waaaay too much… A Kim Kardasian butt on a man is grosser than it is Kim!!! 

  21. Not buying only 7% of all gay

    Not buying only 7% of all gay men are only butt men you can't just add numbers from web searches or how ever it's done if this is the case lets retake this survey 

  22. I Love A Nice Bubble Butt,

    I Love A Nice Bubble Butt, Nice Sexy Hairy Chest, What I Drool Over Is Dimples Right Above The Ass! Hot!!!

  23. WHAT??? only 7% are butt men.

    WHAT??? only 7% are butt men.  Beautiful eye's and ass and my tray table is in full upright position. .


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