Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears Talks New Album ‘Last Man Dancing’

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Are you ready to party and have a damn good time?

Today, former Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears released his highly anticipated second solo album Last Man Dancing, which features a hit title track, a brand-new collaboration with Kylie Minogue, plus acclaimed recent singles “Too Much Music” and “I Used To Be In Love.” Following a recent run of explosive support sets in the UK with Duran Duran, Shears will take Last Man Dancing on the road this summer, with a sold-out date in London, international festivals including Mighty Hoopla and Glastonbury, and in-store events for week of release. 


Shears will also make an appearance in New York City on June 8 for an album-signing event that will take place at Barnes & Noble on 5th Ave.

Image via Damon Baker

According to the artist, Last Man Dancing feels like a record he was born to make. Full of incandescent nods to dance music pioneers, a Sylvester falsetto here, a Patrick Cowley cowbell there, and a Berghain pulse, his lifelong love affair with club culture breaks new ground while also sounding like a spiritual homecoming. 

Those who RSVP to the Last Man Dancing party will quickly realize there is more going on than may first meet the eye, and it has allowed Shears the opportunity to reflect on how he got to where he is today.


“Last Man Dancing” is a journey through the ultimate house party,” he explains. “The first half gives you those singalong moments that get everyone into it at the top of night. As the hours turn, you can go a little deeper and darker, more where the second half of the record goes. It’s inspired by all the over-the-top house parties I’ve thrown throughout my life. I was born to host, I love to DJ, and my favorite hours of a party are from 4:00-6:00 a.m. There’s nothing more luxurious than being as loud as you want in the early hours. Not everyone might make it to the end, but the last ones dancing are possibly rewarded with the most magical moments of the evening.”

Image via Damon Baker

Instinct had the opportunity to catch up with Shears and talk more about the album, as well as his evolution as an artist and how Last Man Dancing is perfect for Pride Month. Check out the full video interview below.

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  1. I’m a struggling gay artist, I have a couple songs out about gay love & coming out. Hoping one day I can be as successful as Jake.


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