Scottish Man Allowed To Keep His Identity A Secret After Blackmailing A Grindr User

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We have another case of extortion and blackmail over Grindr.


According to The Scottish Sun, an unidentified man, aged 26, used the gay dating app to blackmail another user. The victim says that the suspect attempted to get £500 from him with the threat of exposing his actions to his wife and kids.

The victim then reported the case to the police, and both men have appeared in court on Friday (January 15) over the matter.

Prosecutor Michael Sweeney tried to restrict public judgment and scrutiny over the case. To do so, members of the public were not allowed to the court hearing. Also, Sweeney requested a series of reporting restrictions. Plus, Sheriff Michael Reekie granted the motion and gave a court order to keep the suspect’s identity a secret.

Said Sweeney:


“The Crown wish to prevent reporting of the complainer’s name, the accused’s name and the locus in this case. The reason will be quite clear from the charge. The reason for the accused’s name to be included is it could be linked to the complainer.”

Louisa Wade, who represented the blackmailer, approved of Sweeney’s actions. She also states that her client has a gambling addiction and significant debt. She reports this as the main cause of his actions.

Sheriff Reekie also deferred sentence so that background reports and a Restriction of Liberty Order on the suspect can be prepared.

h/t: The Scottish Sun

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