Scratch That, The Joan Rivers Biopic Isn’t Happening

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Was It Melissa All Along? Kathryn Hahn’s Joan Rivers Biopic Series Is Now Canceled Indefinitely

Whoa – what a turn of events! It was only a month ago that the world geeked when Wandavision Emmy nominated actress, Kathryn Hahn, got to reveal she is set to play Joan Rivers in an upcoming biopic series about the comedian’s daring journey of a life, The Comeback Girl. Nothing is ever without controversy these days as and the biopic was no different. Comedian Sarah Silverman essentially called out Hahn for portraying ‘Jew-Face’ AKA casting non-Jewish actors for Jewish roles. Well, it turns out we won’t get to see Hahn portray the iconic, late Rivers because the entire series has been scrapped.


According to Daily Mail, Joan’s daughter, Melissa Rivers, has full control of her mother’s life rights. She isn’t giving the series permission to use any of Joan’s standup specials or writing, so if the series went forward, they’d be in for a gigantic lawsuit that would obviously cost them more than the product or adoration could afford. They could go the route of titling it as Unauthorized, which is something the Lifetime Network has done for shows like Beverly Hills, 90210 and Saved By The Bell, but then that turns the quality way down and gives you well, a Lifetime parody – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But, certainly we all can agree that Rivers’ life is too preserved and precious to be made into a Lifetime series rather than something of high production and value.



There’s no word if Melissa plans on taking the excitement from this announcement and will work on her own project. But, if she’s smart – which she obviously is – she may take advantage, yet the pain of losing Joan is likely still there, as it is in the hearts of fans everywhere. Joan’s story could certainly shake politically correct cancel culture, as Rivers as nothing but offensive, crude, and honest. Let’s cross our fingers that we’ll see some accurate homage to Rivers in the future, because we could all use a bit of her humor as we wrap another year in the books.

If you’d like to reminisce on some of Rivers’ highlights in her later years on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, check out the video below:

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Source: Jezebel, Daily Mail

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