SD Man Burns Pride Flag On Facebook Live, Spews Obscenities, Now Apologizes

Why are we accepting apologies from people that video tape their own hatred and post it for all to see? 


A South Dakota man who burned an LGBTQ Pride flag while spouting obscenities about gay people on Facebook Live says he regrets his actions, but believes critics are blowing the incident out of proportion.

Webster, South Dakota resident Darrin Pesall took to Facebook and posted a video of himself (now since taken down) yelling “Your f—ing flag that deserves to burn, burn, burn. Burn you queer sons of bitches!” as he lights a rainbow flag in his pathetic little fire pit. The ignorant sub-human activity shared to the internet is unmistakably the actions of Pesall as he chose to show his face in the video. 

Of course Pesall attempted an apology, but like all guilty people he showed no true remorse for his actions as he just said he would have done it differently.

“It shouldn’t have been done the way it was done. I apologize to the people I offended. It was absolutely totally wrong.” 


Hmmm, how else should you have burned it?  With you in the fire pit with it?  Could that have been a better way?  Should not have been done the way it was done?  Piss-off Pesall is still saying it should have been done, but not the way he did it.  I’m sorry, he’s a moron. 

Pesall claimed he was driven to burn the flag because of protests he’s seen from people demanding that the Confederate flag or war monuments featuring Confederate figures be torn down.

“Much like the uproar over tearing down war monuments; the controversy over the confederate flag because they’re offensive. The public display of that type of thing is offensive to me.”

Your poor grooming and poor clothing choice may be offensive to others.  The way you choose to take care of yourself and live your life, so what should people do about that?  Is he using the “I’m triggered” defense?


Here’s the report from Sioux Falls-based CBS affiliate KELO.  You decide.  Warning: watch out for some of your brain cells jumping ship as you listen to this weak man’s defense.


The parts of the Pesall video that were shared on the news broadcast were pretty tame to what this “little man” actually said.  For the entire graphic content, see the end of this post for two videos placed there.


So was it someone’s flag or not? Well it looks like it had been ironed at one time before Pesall set it afire.  I mean, would Pesall have the money to go buy a flag and burn it?  Would Pesall have the time or an iron to smooth out the flag.  The man who claims it’s his flag, Troy Kriech, of Webster, says he wanted to put up a flag for Pride Month in June.  I would think that Kreich looks like one of the good gays and would iron a flag before presenting it. 

Kreich said of Webster and hanging the rainbow flag there, “It’s a small town, but I thought, ‘You know what? Let’s just do it.’” And he said about the flag burning, “I was just disturbed, disgusted — especially coming from someone I know, that they would actually do something that hateful and disgusting.” 

So Kreich lost a flag and Pesall burned a flag but states it was not Kreich’s, “I burned a flag — not the flag that’s in question and what everyone is having such a shit show about.”

Also, the two individuals, they knew each other apparently, but there is no hate crime to see here as South Dakota’s hate crime law does not include gender-based protections, which could apply to instances of anti-LGBTQ discrimination.


So what could Pesall be charged with? Maybe a is misdemeanor theft charges, or destroying another’s property, or, potentially, lying about the crime or attempting to cover it up.  Can we charge him with stupidity, threatening a community, poor hygiene, and anything else we can think of?

What do you think Instinct?

Are we done accepting apologies from morons that do not understand the internet is forever?  The should know what ever you put on there with your dentally challenged face will be seen forever. 

What should Piss-off Pesall be charged with?  Before you decide, here is the full Facebook video broken into two parts. 



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Source: Sioux Falls-based CBS affiliate KELO  ,

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